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   Microfinance Institutions Capacity Building Initiative in East African Countries   

Analysis of the structures of MFIs in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ruanda and Burundi) and the upgrading of capacities of selected MFIs.

Aim of project

The underlying aim is to improve the rating of MFIs and thus their investment opportunities. Elaboration of a project pipeline in the MFI sector in East Africa. The advancement of capacities of MFIs shall lead to an improvement of investment opportunities into MFIs as well to identify possibilities for on-lending. The implementation of a Capacity Building Programme aims at MFIs that are rated as Tier 3 (i.e. comparatively small institutions with identified management weaknesses and limited access to credit).

SWOT Analysis

The strengths and weaknesses of 35 MFIs shall be analysed, benchmarks set and measures for the improvement of institutional difficulties implemented. After the completion of these activities, some 12 MFIs are then expected to be rated by an official rating agency as Tier 2. This improved status, thanks to the advancement of their structures and capacities, would allow them to fulfill the basic criteria for accessing commercial financing.

Project Duration

November 2008 - November 2012


Consortium: ATC / Wiener Börse / K-Rep / MicroFinanza Rating

Final Report

The Capacity of Online Microfinance Investments



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