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  Electricity Regulatory Authority of Uganda 

With Advisory Programmes funds, OeEB contributes to improving the licensing and pricing mechanisms on the Ugandan electricity market.

Although the Ugandan electricity market has undergone much reform in recent years, there are still many issues which are to be addressed, especially regarding pricing and licensing mechanisms. The financial resources of ERA – the Electricity Regulatory Authority – are limited which means there are insufficient funds available to support the ERA in implementing its enlarged mandate and to providing its workforce with adequate training.

The aim of OeEB’s project is therefore to strengthen ERA’s capacities. In order to do so, the following activities – which will be implemented at ERA by E-Control Austria – are planned:

  • Improve licensing methods
  • Support the development of adequate pricing mechanisms
  • Improve internal structures and public relations

In all those areas the current situation in Uganda will be assessed, an overview of international best practices will be made and recommendations to bridge the gap will be implemented at ERA.


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