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  Research – Energy Efficiency Finance 

OeEB commissioned a study to analyze the energy intensity of the economies of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Ukraine together with the development and potential for energy efficiency measures in these countries.

 Starting with an overview of the energy sector in each country, the study then goes on to identify the sectors with the highest potential for energy savings and discusses how supportive the local framework is for the development of energy efficiency projects.

The results show that there is a high potential for energy savings and improvements in energy efficiency in those four countries. Inefficient use of energy is mainly due to outdated technologies and insufficient building insulation. The potential for energy savings – in private households as well as in the industrial sector –is high, however information on and awareness of a more efficient use of energy need to be improved.

Moreover, energy-efficient technologies are either not available or not established yet on the market. However, in the countries which do not have significant oil & gas reserves (Turkey, Armenia and Ukraine) there is a general interest in energy related issues which is mainly motivated by rising energy prices and high energy imports resulting in current account deficits.

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