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  13.12.2017 | Change in OeEB's Executive Board

Starting from 1 January 2018, Sabine Gaber will serve as Member of the Executive Board of OeEB. She succeeds Andrea Hagmann who has decided to step down after 10 successful years. Michael Wancata will remain Member of OeEB's Executive Board. more

  15.11.2017 | OeEB contributes to biodiversity conservation in Latin America

OeEB invests USD 25 million in Fund. The investment will support business practices that contribute to biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources in Latin America. more

  11.09.2017 | OeEB and ILF Consulting Engineers to found joint project development company

The aim of the project development company Rendcor (Renewable Energy Development Corporation) is to provide Austrian know-how and capital for renewable energy projects in developing countries. more

  11.08.2017 | OeEB invests in clean energy in MENA region

Via a USD 4.5 million investment in Catalyst MENA Clean Energy Fund, OeEB finances renewable energy projects in the MENA region. more

  22.06.2017 | Development Report 2016: Financing SMEs to create jobs

OeEB's latest Development Report shows how jobs and new development prospects are created by financing micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). more

  20.04.2017 | USD 116 million for renewable energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

Frontier Energy II, an investment fund focused on developing, constructing and operating renewable energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, has achieved its first closing of USD 116 million from private investors and development finance institutions, including OeEB. more

  11.04.2017 | OeEB, OFID and DEG support Sri Lankan MSME

Seylan Bank PLC of Sri Lanka has signed a term loan agreement with OeEB, the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), and the German development finance institution DEG to promote development and economic growth through micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) support in Sri Lanka. more

  22.03.2017 | Business Year 2016: OeEB consistently implemented its focus on energy and SME

In 2016, OeEB consistently implemented its strategic focus on energy as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Around 80% of the financings provided by OeEB in 2016 were dedicated to projects in these sectors. more

  14.03.2017 | OeEB contributes EUR 420,000 to SANAD Technical Assistance Facility

OeEB's contribution, which is funded by the Austrian Ministry of Finance, is earmarked for projects in Jordan and Lebanon that support refugees, displaced persons, and local communities negatively affected by the refugee crisis. The contribution could finance measures such as studies, training, or direct technical assistance to financial institutions in areas that include product development. more

  27.02.2017 | OeEB credit line strengthens SME in Ghana

The limited access to finance is one of the greatest barriers in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Ghana. With a USD 10 million credit line to Fidelity Bank Ghana, OeEB contributes to closing this financing gap. more

  01.02.2017 | Credit Guarantee Fund Tajikistan - Empowering Development Amidst the Crisis

The Credit Guarantee Fund Tajikistan (CGFT) now cooperates with six partner financial institutions and has passed USD 13 million in guaranteed loan disbursement. more

  31.01.2017 | ElectriFI launches second Call for Investment Proposals

The Electrification Financing Initiative, ElectriFI, invites interested parties to submit their project proposals from 1-28 February 2017. more

  22.12.2016 | Creating new perspectives in vulnerable region

OeEB provides EUR 15 million for "SANAD Fund for MSME". Via microloans the fund supports micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and this way helps create jobs in the Middle East and North Africa. Already in 2015, OeEB invested EUR 10 million in the fund. more

  10.11.2016 | Climate finance needs private sector commitment

"Energy poverty is still high in many developing countries. Without commitment of the private sector this gap cannot be closed." This is how Andrea Hagmann and Michael Wancata, members of OeEB's executive board, describe the challenges for climate finance in view of the UN Climate Change Conference. more

  21.07.2016 | EDFI Report 2016: Investing to create jobs, boost growth and fight poverty

The recently published EDFI Flagship Report 2016 shows how OeEB and Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) across Europe contribute to creating jobs, boosting growth and fighting poverty by investing in private sector projects in low and middle income countries. more

  13.06.2016 | Development Report 2015: Jobs and a stable income for people in crisis regions

"Especially for people living in developing countries, a stable income is the key for better living conditions," emphasise Andrea Hagmann and Michael Wancata, members of OeEB's executive board. OeEB's current development report highlights that, by building up small and medium-sized enterprises, jobs are created which open up new perspectives. more

  18.04.2016 | ElectriFI invites submission of project proposals

The Electrification Financing Initiative, ElectriFI, has opened its doors. Interested parties can now submit their project proposals. more

  23.03.2016 | Business year 2015: Sustainable development requires committed businesses

"It is especially private investors and businesses who ensure sustainable growth and economic development," emphasise Andrea Hagmann and Michael Wancata, members of OeEB's executive board. Also in 2015, OeEB's loan and equity financing was in demand. more

  24.02.2016 | USD 10 million for MSME in Sri Lanka

OeEB provides a long-term credit line of USD 10 million to Commercial Leasing & Finance (CLC) in Sri Lanka, as part of a USD 153 million syndicated loan arranged by FMO. The funds are dedicated to the financing of local micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME). more

  26.11.2015 | Climate Protection and Development need to go hand in hand

"No economic development without energy, no sustainable development without climate protection." This is how OeEB's Executive Board members, Andrea Hagmann and Michael Wancata, describe the challenges for development finance in the run-up to the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. more

  12.11.2015 | EUR 10 million for MSME in North Africa

With its investment of EUR 10 million in SANAD Fund for MSME, OeEB helps strengthen micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) in North Africa and the Middle East (MENA). more

  25.09.2015 | SDGs: Private sector needs to make significant contribution

"From new jobs to energy supply to access to finance: The implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) also requires the ambitious involvement of the private sector," say Andrea Hagmann and Michael Wancata, members of OeEB's executive board. more

  01.09.2015 | Sierra Leone: Strengthening the private sector important after Ebola epidemic

The Ebola epidemic claimed thousands of lives in Sierra Leone. It also set back the country's economic development. It is now essential to boost the economy and private investors play a crucial role. They were also important partners for the local health care system in the fight against Ebola. more

  17.06.2015 | Development Report 2014: Private Sector plays important part in development

OeEB's current development report highlights the importance of the private sector for developing countries. The new figures show how OeEB's commitment contributes to improving living conditions - by providing jobs or clean energy. more

  27.05.2015 | OeEB brings electricity to Honduran villages

OeEB focuses on renewable energy and supplies five remote villages in Honduras with clean power. more

  04.05.2015 | Nepal: Support for SME and earthquake victims

With USD 4 million, OeEB participates in Dolma Impact Fund, a fund which contributes to the economic development in Nepal. Immediately after the earthquake, founder and fund manager Tim Gocher started a call for donations for the victims. more

  31.03.2015 | Business year 2014: Private sector important for development

In 2014, OeEB provided EUR 200 million of long-term financing in the form of debt or equity for the economic development in developing countries and emerging markets. more

  26.01.2015 | 2015: The European Year for Development

2015 will be the official European Year for Development. Under the slogan "Our world, our dignity, our future", the year will be dedicated to development cooperation. OeEB will highlight paths to resolving global development issues, too. more

  15.01.2015 | OECD report confirms OeEB’s path

On January 15, 2015 Erik Solheim, Chair of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC), presented the results of the DAC Peer Review Austria. He emphasised the importance of the private sector in the field of development cooperation. This also confirms OeEB’s path, which places a focus on the development of the private sector in developing countries. This is as important as classical aid, he said. more

  01.12.2014 | OeEB participates in syndicated loan for leading microfinance institution in Azerbaijan

OeEB and the Dutch development bank FMO provide a multi-currency syndicated loan to FINCA Azerbaijan, the leading non-bank microfinance institution in Azerbaijan, with each institution contributing USD 15 million. more

  30.09.2014 | OFID and OeEB sign Cooperation Agreement

The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) and OeEB strengthened their longstanding partnership by signing a Cooperation Agreement. The agreement is designed to encourage co-financing between the two Vienna-based institutions and promote the exchange of ideas and information. more

  11.06.2014 | Green Energy Finance in Southeast Europe: OeEB makes EUR 20 million available to GGF

OeEB is providing the Green for Growth Fund, Southeast Europe (GGF) with fresh funding totalling EUR 20 million. The investment will serve to develop renewable energy projects and improve energy efficiency in Southeast Europe to enhance climate protection in this part of the globe. more

  05.06.2014 | Research – Energy Efficiency Finance

OeEB commissioned a study to analyze the energy intensity of the economies of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Ukraine together with the development and potential for energy efficiency measures in these countries. more

  26.05.2014 | Development Report 2013: OeEB creates jobs

OeEB’s projects are economically sustainable and have positive impacts on development. This is also underscored by the Development Report 2013. Among other things it shows that OeEB helps preserve and create jobs. more

  24.04.2014 | Sekerbank Turkey: Evaluation confirms the path taken

In November 2009, OeEB and the KfW Development Bank of Germany provided Sekerbank (Turkey) with a joint credit line for on-lending to energy efficiency projects as well as accompanying technical assistance funds for capacity building in energy efficiency measures within the bank. An evaluation now confirms that the credit line has largely achieved its development purpose. more

  18.03.2014 | Business year 2013: OeEB helps create jobs in developing countries

In 2013, OeEB provided EUR 205 million of long-term financing in the form of debt or equity to companies and banks in developing countries. More than 13,000 people were employed in the projects financed by OeEB. more

  13.01.2014 | Credit line for XacBank supports Mongolian MSMEs

With a long-term credit line of USD 15 million OeEB supports the Mongolian XacBank in lending to micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). more

  17.12.2013 | Enso hydro, OeEB and GGF improve Albania’s energy supply

Enso hydro GmbH is erecting a small hydropower plant in Albania, financing will be provided by OeEB and the Green for Growth Fund, Southeast Europe (GGF). more

  25.11.2013 | OeEB credit line supports small and medium enterprises in Armenia

A loan agreement of USD 10 million was signed between OeEB and Inecobank, which will be directed to small and medium enterprises (SME) financing in Armenia. more

  03.07.2013 | Syndicated loan for leading micro finance institution in Cambodia

PRASAC, the leading micro finance institution in Cambodia, marked its debut in the syndicated loan market with a USD 60.5 million facility. OeEB participates with USD 10 million. The transaction is reported to be the single largest ever micro finance syndicated facility worldwide. more

  10.06.2013 | The development effects of the OeEB – Development Report 2012

The report provides key information of the development effects of OeEB’s activities as well as a detailed insight into the different sectors covered. Case studies illustrate the specific effects of OeEB’s financing in developing and emerging countries. more

  15.05.2013 | OeEB celebrates its fifth Anniversary

For the last five years OeEB has been contributing to the economic development in emerging markets thereby opening doors also for Austrian companies. On the occasion of its fifth anniversary OeEB invited high-level guests from politics and the business community to celebrate. more

  08.04.2013 | OeEB projects at a glance

The new overview of OeEB projects simplifies the directed information search on OeEB's website. more

  20.03.2013 | Successful business year 2012: New prospects through Private Equity

OeEB finished its fifth business year providing financing in a total value of EUR 226.45 million. With this amount OeEB made a financing of projects in developing and emerging countries to the amount of EUR 1.377 million available. Moreover the new instrument private equity was in great demand in 2012. more

  14.01.2013 | More and better Jobs to fight poverty

Together with international finance institutions and development banks at a conference in Washington, OeEB emphasises the urgent need to create more and better jobs in developing countries at a conference in Washington. 90 percent of these jobs are generated by the private sector. more

  04.12.2012 | USD 15 Million Loan to LAAD to Enable Better Food Supply

The sustainable production of enough food to sufficiently nourish the population is one of the biggest challenges in developing countries. With its long-term loan of up to USD 15 million to the Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation S.A. (LAAD), OeEB has made a significant contribution towards reaching this goal in Central America: the proceeds from the loan will be used to finance small and medium enterprises in the Central American agricultural sector.

  25.09.2012 | OeEB funds infrastructure and industry in West Africa

At the beginning of the year, a EUR 25 million line was signed between OeEB and the Banque Ouest Africaine de Développement (BOAD). OeEB funds have now been allocated to various industrial and infrastructure projects in West Africa. more

  21.08.2012 | Hydropower in Peru: OeEB commissioned Legal and Economic Analysis

A study commissioned by OeEB analyses the electricity sector structure in Peru and outlines the legal and economic framework for developing and building a hydro power plant of up to 20 megawatt. more

  17.07.2012 | The developmental effects of the OeEB - Development Report 2011

For the first time, the OeEB is publishing the Development Report 2011, which describes the development effects and results achieved by the OeEB as of 31.12.2011.

  10.07.2012 | OeEB finances the modernisation of district heating in Prishtina

OeEB has entered into a participation of up to EUR 2.5 million in a credit line issued by the German Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) in order to modernise the district heating system in Pristina. OeEB is thus contributing to both an environmentally friendly and cost efficient heating system. Together with „Energieconsulting Heidelberg“ the Austrian consultancy „iC consulenten“ will act as consultant during the implementation process. more

  09.07.2012 | Credit line for ProCredit Georgia: Evaluation confirms the path

In 2008, only a few month after the conflict with Russia, OeEB and German KfW signed a credit line for the ProCredit Georgia. The total sum of the credit line amounts to USD 47.5 million, of which 49.75 % were assigned by OeEB. The evaluation now confirms OeEB the desired effects has been achieved. more

  27.03.2012 | OeEB a stable connection to emerging markets in 2011

OeEB can look back on another successful business year. The financing of projects in developing and emerging countries is also a motor for domestic companies. more

  29.02.2012 | OeEB finances a port terminal in Mexico and makes an Austrian supply possible

OeEB's financing of a new dry bulk terminal on the Pacific coast of Mexico also benefits the Austrian economy: Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH supplies a mobile crane to the Lázaro Cárdenas port project. more

  14.12.2011 | OeEB and DEG deepen their cooperation

In order to give their good working relationship a more formal framework, OeEB and the Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft (DEG) have signed a cooperation agreement. more

  26.09.2011 | Renewable-Energy Investment in Honduras Will Help Power Thousands of Households

OeEB and IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, are providing US-Dollar 98 million in financing for Compañía Hondureña de Energía Renovable S.A. (COHERSA), to construct a private hydropower project in Honduras, which will promote clean energy and help the country meet its growing power needs. more

  23.09.2011 | New Report Finds International Finance Institutions Critical for Job Creation in Emerging Markets

A new report finds that international finance institutions play a key role in catalyzing job creation and growth through the private sector in emerging markets, particularly as governments face increased pressure on public resources. more

  24.08.2011 | Study investigates potential for renewable energy in Serbia

The study, which was commissioned by OeEB, facilitates entry into this sector by private investors. The share of renewable energy on the Serbian market shall be increased. more

  02.03.2011 | OeEB provides 5 million Euros for Interact Climate Change Facility (ICCF)

OeEB agreed to jointly finance climate change and climate efficiency projects together with ten members of the Association of European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI) for private sector investments in developing and reforming economies, Agence Française de Développement and the European Investment Bank. more

  06.12.2010 | IFC and OeEB sign Master Cooperation Agreement

The agreement will speed up financing of projects in developing countries and save costs. more

  02.12.2010 | International financial institutions support Turkish entrepreneurs

95-million-Euro credit line to support private business development. more

  09.10.2010 | IFC and OeEB to Support Smaller Enterprises in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Today, OeEB and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) signed two contracts worth over 3.2 million Euro in a ceremony in Washington, D.C. more

  21.12.2009 | OeEB provides a 20 million US dollar loan to Standard Bank South Africa


  08.05.2009 | OeEB signs EDFI's "Principles for Responsible Financing"

At yesterday's annual meeting in Cologne, Germany, the 16 members of EDFI, the Association of European Development Finance Institutions, including OeEB, signed a declaration on principles that all members will follow when co‐financing projects. more

  14.01.2009 | The strength of bilateral DFIs


  01.07.2008 | Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank - OeEB signs the UN Global Compact


  25.06.2008 | Press Release: Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank invests EUR 33 million in EFSE

EFSE’s committed funding base grows beyond EUR 600 million more


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