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Studies show that access to the financial sector makes a decisive contribution to the reduction of poverty in a country for all levels of society. However, around 3 billion people worldwide have no access to financial services at this time.

Further development of the microfinance sector

One of OeEB's focuses is on microfinance - both in terms of financing and in terms of Advisory Programmes. 
Whereas local banks frequently only give loans in an amount of EUR 300,000 or more, OeEB supports institutions that grant microcredits - some for EUR 500 or less - with low repayment instalments and for little collateral.


Credit lines to banks and microfinance funds make it possible to reach numerous small customers. Funds from Advisory Programmes strengthen microfinance institutions, for example, by means of training programmes in credit risk management. We also work on the development of the sector with regard to its social focus by supporting the Rating Initiative, which promotes the development of a market for social ratings. We also provide expertise in this manner in that we have a seat on the supervisory board of a microfinance fund.

Opportunities to fight poverty

Number of enterprises that received access to a loan:


With the support of the UN, the "Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance (PIIF)" were developed at the beginning of 2011 to which microfinance funds and their managers in particular submit themselves. "Inclusive finance" stands for financial services that are to be made available to those people who are currently excluded from them - according to the World Bank, they amount to 70% of the population in developing countries.


In May 2009, the Association of European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI) adopted the Principles for Responsible Financing, which apply to microfinance activities among other things. 

Microfinance in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Central Asia

The following IFC projects were supported by OeEB.

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