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An extensive exchange of information and an active cooperation on specific projects is carried out with the following institutions:
  • AfDB - African Development Bank (Co-operation agreement signed in June 2008; aiming for joint support of commercially self-sustaining projects, primarily originating from the private sector from  both enterprises and financial institutions in developing countries).
  • BSTDB - Black Sea Trade Development Bank (Supporting economic development and regional cooperation by providing trade and project financing, guarantees, and equity for development projects, supporting both public and private enterprises in BSTDB's member countries in the Black Sea Region). 
  • EU Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (Member of Project Finance Group.  Transnational and regional infrastructure projects in Sub-Saharan Africa with special focus in the sectors of energy, water management, transport and telecommunication).
       EU Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund
  • NIF - Neighbourhood Investment Facility (Promotion of construction in transport and energy infrastructure interconnections between the EU and its neighboring countries. Focus areas: energy, transport and environment sectors, as well as SME development and social sector projects).
  • Practitioners' Network for European Development Cooperation.
  • WBIF - Western Balkans Investment Framework 

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