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  How we measure our results - on project level 

In order to assess the developmental effects of OeEB's portfolio, all projects are evaluated with the Corporate Policy Project Rating Tool (GPR©), developed by the German development finance institution (DEG).

GPR© enables both: ex-ante evaluations at the time a project is approved and ex-post evaluations - actual figures during project implementation and after completion. It scores projects based on the following four criteria:

  • development impact
  • the particular strategic role of OeEB
  • the project's long-term profitability
  • its contribution to OeEB's expected return on equity.

These four benchmarks are combined in a GPR total index (GPR score), ranging from 'very good' to 'obviously insufficient' (grades from 1 to 6.) Since the developmental effects play a major role, the development impact score (EPOL score) is reported separately, as well as being computed in the average GPR score.

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